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The Spectacular Marketing Podcast

Mar 27, 2018

Part 2 of our our chat with Robert Bean, this time discussing topical brand stories including the KFC chicken shortage, the difficulties facing operators such as Jamie Oliver and Fanny’s ‘posh’ kebabs. 

We also discuss the importance of brand when starting a new company and why (first and foremost) to have an amazing brand, you need an excellent product. 



Robert has 39 years experience in brand strategy, business strategy, brand management, advertising and communications. His work includes BMW and ‘The Ultimate Driving Machine’, Honda and ‘The Power of Dreams’, BT and ‘It’s Good to Talk’, Homebase and ‘Make a House a Home’ and many others. Robert is the owner of brand-focussed management consultancy, Robert Bean Branding, and the author of 'Winning in Your Own Way: The Nine and a Half Golden Rules of Branding.'

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