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The Spectacular Marketing Podcast

Nov 6, 2018

Thanks to Tim Coulston who made the trip down the London to speak with us and share his thoughts on why restaurants are slow to take advantage of everything digital marketing has to offer.


We cover:

- The important stuff to have on your website

- Taking advantage of third-party listings

- Facebook targeting

- Communicating what people want to hear... not just that you sell burgers and beer

- Testing different advert creative

- Home delivery  

- How to resist discounting 




Tim is the Managing Director of Nibble Corporation & a visionary in the hospitality industry with a wealth of expertise across the accommodation, food, beverage, and customer experience sectors. Specialising in business strategy, sales development and digital marketing, Tim identifies opportunities to drive additional revenue to companies and clients.


His passion for hospitality began during college whilst working with Marriott Hotels & Resorts, since then he has progressed through various senior management and director roles within the industry, gaining vast experience in effective methods of building and scaling hospitality businesses.




Mark / WE ARE Spectacular⠀ 


Tim / Nibble