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The Spectacular Marketing Podcast

Oct 23, 2018



We’re delighted to welcome Maria Franzoni to the studio with us to get some tips on what it takes to be a great speaker and how to hire the right person for you event, conference or workshop.


We cover:

- accents

- storytelling and presentation structure  

- personal profiles & showreels 

- how to get more bookings as a speaker

- why you should take a comedy course

- Simon Cowell…?  




Founder of Maria Franzoni Ltd  – a speaker bureau doing things differently. Licensed office and “Elder” (long serving) at The London Speaker Bureau – named “The only international Speaker Bureau” by the New York Times. A founding member and current co-Chair of the EASB European Association of Speaker Bureaus. Director of Operations at We Do Things Differently, a cultural change consultancy.


Founder of Speaking Business – providing top training for speakers wanting to create successful and profitable speaking businesses.


Host of the Speaking Business Podcast, where every week I talk to one of the brilliant speakers on my bureau roster and give you a sneak peek into the person who is the speaker behind the mic.





Mark / WE ARE Spectacular⠀ 


Maria / MFL (Maria Franzoni Limited) 

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