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The Spectacular Marketing Podcast

Jan 22, 2019

We’re delighted to have Kieron joining us this week to take us through his hospitality journey and hear practical advice for restaurant managers to help them succeed.   

We cover tipping, attracting talent, attracting customer and making memories.



“If talking about & building an amazing guest experience is the fuel to my fire then helping you to deliver the same for your guests/customers is the firework show!”

Kieron is an operations specialist who has worked with some of the biggest names on the high street throughout his career; from Hard Rock Café International, Wagamama, Costa Coffee and Scottish &
Newcastle, always achieving success through his teams, working with the belief that when you empower your team to achieve great things, they will achieve greatness for our guests.

Throughout his career Kieron realised that he loved the challenge of solving problems in tough sites, from his first adventures in pub management in tough community pubs that needed some love to amazing city centre live venues that allowed him to engage his entrepreneurial spirit and implement his vision for working with the community to deliver extraordinary experiences for his guests.


Throughout his career, Kieron’s service style was based around his philosophy of “Make memories, not stories” this focused his own and his teams thinking on the idea that our guests come to us to make memories and we should strive to be a big part of that, after all what other industry invites us into some of the most memorable moments of their customers lives?


Kieron now works in three key areas, with SME’s to develop their brand and business through the mindset of think local, act national. As a passionate advocate of the coaching strategy throughout the years to develop numerous managers through his career, Kieron operates very much in the sphere of restaurant coaching working with business owners to create their own solutions as experience has taught him that ideas and strategies created within the business are destined for successful results rather than opinions from outside the four walls.

The second area is as a facilitator for blue chip retail clients on topics from leadership, coaching, DiSC Profiling and customer experience, these are all subjects he is passionate about and loves to engage groups with interactive sessions that challenge their thinking and development.


Finally, Kieron is a speaker on the same subjects, but primarily guest experience and the importance of delivering extraordinary experiences that sit with our guests forever in their memories. He has
been described as “an engaging and entertaining speaker with a dry sense of humour” Kieron set up his business with one clear goal, to do only the things that make him smile, building businesses, developing people and sharing his knowledge. He is on the right track.


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