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The Spectacular Marketing Podcast

Feb 26, 2019

It’s the last episode of The Spectacular Marketing Podcast and we couldn’t end it on a better note than with cider entrepreneur/merchant/hawker, Simon Wright.


We cover:


  • Pivoting from ginger beer
  • What to do when people start leaving apples on your doorstep
  • Tales from corporate working
  • Spotting a gap for craft cider in London
  • Working with Brewdog
  • How cider is like wine
  • Protecting and investing in yourself with trademarks
  • Having patience
  • Not starting something with the sole intent to sell it  

*mic drop*




Starting Hawkes in 2013, with nothing more than a tiny London kitchen and a hell of an idea; Simon soon found his flagship product of Ginger Beer in hot demand across the city. Not content with just making, selling and even delivering his Ginger Beer around the capital, Simon’s ambition set him upon the world of Cider, the category that craft forgot. Now heading up a 15 strong team across sales, production, marketing and Hawkes very own Taproom/Cidery (on the Bermondsey beer mile no less) Simon works closely with Head Cider Maker Roberto, to create cider with a singular purpose in mind: To show the world the vast depth of our wonderful drink and unlock the potential behind it.









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