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The Spectacular Marketing Podcast

Aug 28, 2018



We're with Hugh Richard Wright his week to hear about his journey from blogger to PR and his experiences of being a freelancer for the past 3 years. Hugh discusses the differences between good & bad PR, his one-to-one approach to build relationships and how to ensure the conversation continues beyond your...

Aug 21, 2018



We’re reflecting on consumer motivations and journeys today as we speak to Sophie Thomas from BornGloryUs about how brands can serve a purpose in the world. We discuss good brand strategies, creating legacy and how audiences are people, not numbers.





TED Talk:

Aug 14, 2018



This week we’ve got James Mobbs giving us his thoughts on being a one-man band marketing department covering 15 sites across the UK. James tells us how it’s important to meet your chefs and GMs regularly (face-to-face!), how Ego Restaurants inspire loyalty through generosity and why email is...

Aug 7, 2018



We’re excited to have Rob Wood on the podcast this week schooling us on how your music can elevate your food & theatrical experience. We discuss sound systems, poor music choices, how he approaches curating a brand playlist, and why it might be best to start thinking about your brand sound up to 18 months...