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The Spectacular Marketing Podcast

Oct 30, 2018



This week we’ve got a masterclass in running a business and keeping both your guests & your team happy as we speak to the Managing Director of Red Carnation Hotels, Jonathan Raggett.


We cover: 

  • Attracting people to work in hospitality
  • Needing to understand all aspects of your business & practicing what...

Oct 23, 2018



We’re delighted to welcome Maria Franzoni to the studio with us to get some tips on what it takes to be a great speaker and how to hire the right person for you event, conference or workshop.


We cover:

- accents

- storytelling and presentation structure  

- personal profiles & showreels 

- how to get more...

Oct 16, 2018

HOLY $#*!

Gary Vaynerchuk is on the podcast. 


We managed to catch Gary for 20 short minutes to get his thoughts on the food & drink marketing landscape in the UK.


We cover:

- why digital marketing is oxygen

- using Alexa to book restaurants 

- 'fair business'

- home delivery putting restaurants out of business 


Oct 9, 2018



We’ve got our very first LIVE recording of the podcast this week featuring Charlotte Adams (Krispy Kreme),Sophie Barton (SOHO Coffee Co) and Romy Miller (GAIL's Bakery’s).


We chat about new product development, standing out in the crowd, food waste, delivery, the importance of your teams. 


This podcast...

Oct 2, 2018



We’re extremely excited to speak to the wonderful Martin Morales this week - from life in  Peru to DJ nights in Leeds and working with some of music’s bests. We hear how he launched Ceviche & Andina, his advice for building teams and how the Ceviche family represents Peru by making it their mission to...