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The Spectacular Marketing Podcast

Nov 27, 2018

“The only way businesses can survive and thrive is by getting the right people and allowing those people to work in the right way”



We’re down in Brighton this week speaking to two employee engagement & employer brand specialists - Charlotte Dewar and Belinda Gannaway from Fathom XP. In the current...

Nov 20, 2018



We’re super pleased to have Lizzy Barber in the studio to have a good natter about marketing and branding for Cabana, Hache and Hush Restaurants.


We cover:

- Marketing by showing, not telling

- National chains

- Food snobbery

- Restaurant loyalty

- Fangirl tweeting Leon

- Imposter syndrome





Nov 13, 2018

Strap in and get hydrated ready for a mammoth episode this week with Charlie McVeigh. After a hefty rebuttal of the topics in our Gary Vaynerchuk episode, we simply had to get Charlie on to give his thoughts on the state of the industry and life after being bought by Brewdog. 


We cover: 


  • Million Pound Menu 
  • Why you...

Nov 6, 2018

Thanks to Tim Coulston who made the trip down the London to speak with us and share his thoughts on why restaurants are slow to take advantage of everything digital marketing has to offer.


We cover:

- The important stuff to have on your website

- Taking advantage of third-party listings

- Facebook...