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The Spectacular Marketing Podcast

Feb 5, 2019

This week we talk to Carolyn Ball about how food became a trusted friend that ‘spoke’ when she couldn’t. An ally during postnatal depression and an experience that has shaped her perspective on the foodservice industry, and on selling as a profession within it.


We also cover B2B marketing and how businesses can...

Oct 23, 2018



We’re delighted to welcome Maria Franzoni to the studio with us to get some tips on what it takes to be a great speaker and how to hire the right person for you event, conference or workshop.


We cover:

- accents

- storytelling and presentation structure  

- personal profiles & showreels 

- how to get more...

Sep 18, 2018



Before we get into our next batch of recordings, we have a special episode with Mark & Jayasiddhi, a Buddist Monk. Mark visited Buddhist retreat in Wales over summer and spoke with Jayasiddhi about how to destress, connect a bit more to your life, do business in a kinder way and look out for kindness...

Sep 11, 2018



Mark chats to fellow podcaster Michael Tingsager about how you can be more maverick in your business to identity operational efficiencies and set standards that are right for you. Michael talks about common problems, why it’s ok to slow down and scale at a slower pace and the role of technology in...

Sep 4, 2018



This week we're finishing up the summer holidays with a conversation Mark had with Alan McCorkindale & Ashley Murphy, lecturers at the City of Glasgow College. Mark describes his journey so far, from, Barclaycard, Pret and YO! Sushi to creating WE ARE Spectacular. Mark also shares some valuable...