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The Spectacular Marketing Podcast

Mar 6, 2018


Mark sits down with Chef Jay Morjaria to talk about the changing landscape of veganism in the UK, how to make vegetables more interesting and what restaurants can do to make all customers (and their dining preferences) feel special.



Jay Morjaria is a chef, author and food/restaurant consultant with his recipes predominately focusing on Vegetarian, Vegan and East Asian cuisine. He founded Sutra Kitchen, Central London’s first meat free cooking school in Carnaby St, London and launched his first cookbook ‘Share - Vegetarian Food for Everyone’ in July 2013. 
Jay has a passion for creating experimental, 'plant-forward' food, believing that meat free food can be inspiring and perception-changing; a philosophy that is evident in his Dynasty supper clubs. 
Find Jay and his Dynasty menu at Great Guns Social until 16th March 2018.



Jay Morjaria / Dynasty



Mark / WE ARE Spectacular




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