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The Spectacular Marketing Podcast

Apr 3, 2018


A bit of future gazing this week with digital and social strategist Vivion Cox.


We discuss the role of social media platforms as we all try to clear the clutter in our life and how we content may go down the Netflix route where you'll be matched to the right piece of content depending on your interests and behaviours.    




Vivion is the Co-Founder & CEO of All Sport Whispers after developing Football Whispers: the world’s first and only football news, line-up and transfer predictor, using predictive analytics based on a unique algorithm. Football Whispers has begun to develop the next generation of technologies for making sense of large-scale unstructured sources, to model and predict the likelihood of events in football. 


Previously, Vivion was Co-founder and CEO at Klood, a hybrid technology company and Digital Agency and developers of the Klood Engine, a big data technology platform that spans all digital media to discover digital patterns and trends.




Vivion Cox   

Football Whispers    



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