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The Spectacular Marketing Podcast

May 15, 2018


How do you pull people away from their phones and connect with them through brand experience? That’s the question for James & Sarah from Woof, an experiential marketing agency with vast experience in creating memorable, shareable experiences through PR stunts, field marketing, theatrical live experiences and roadshows.

We discuss the best route for brand fame (and for those on smaller budgets) as well as how social media has transformed experiential. There's not doubt that marketing through experiences will continue to be relevant and an important part of the marketing mix for years to come.


Sarah set Woof up in 2003 because she believes passionately in the value of an experience. With 20 years in the industry, she has run numerous successful brand experience campaigns for clients including the new MINI, Channel 4, Topshop and Branston and has developed a deep understanding and knowledge of the process. Sarah’s core skill is attention to detail and bringing the magic – ensuring that everything Woof works on is the best it can be, from pitch writing and creative solutions to dressing a set on the day.



James joined Woof in 2005, bringing extensive project management experience - he loves seeing ideas brought to life. His core skills are bringing the practical and problem solving element to Woof. He knows exactly what is needed to get the job done and has a clear understanding of how things work and where to look for solutions to the challenges that will undoubtedly crop up.  





James/Sarah at Woof


Mark / WE ARE Spectacular 


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