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The Spectacular Marketing Podcast

Oct 2, 2018



We’re extremely excited to speak to the wonderful Martin Morales this week - from life in  Peru to DJ nights in Leeds and working with some of music’s bests. We hear how he launched Ceviche & Andina, his advice for building teams and how the Ceviche family represents Peru by making it their mission to enrich people’s lives with excellence in Peruvian food, drink and art.



Martin is the CEO and founder of Ceviche Family. He is the award winning Peruvian restaurateur, chef, cookbook author, entrepreneur and arts producer. He was born in Peru but left after his father was threatened by the Shining Path guerrillas and has lived in London for over 20 years. He has been cooking since the age of 9, is a self taught chef and in 2012 after years of research and training, Martin sold his house and put everything into opening Ceviche Soho. 

He now runs Ceviche Family which includes Ceviche and Andina’s collection of six boutique award-winning restaurants and a bakery, a record label, an art gallery, he hosts Martin’s Peruvian Kitchen (a YouTube Channel) and is a Trustee of Amantani. In the past he worked with Steve Jobs's Apple as Head of iTunes Pan EU, as Disney’s main music exec in Europe and has helped launch some of the most successful music artists in the world.





Ceviche : 


Andina : 


Andina bakery, tapas & wine - 


Ceviche presents: Amazonia 


Tiger’s milk records 


Andina: The Heart of Peruvian Food: Recipes and Stories from the Andes 


Ceviche: Peruvian Kitchen 



Mark / WE ARE Spectacular⠀ 


Martin / Ceviche



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