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The Spectacular Marketing Podcast

May 8, 2018


One of our trusted social media voices stops by to discuss life in the social media bubble and give us some quick tips for food & drink businesses.


Some homework for you all:

1. Scroll through your feed and see what makes YOU stop.

2. Try a post which injects a bit of personality - it's not always about the sale.

3. Stop yourself next time you open a post with a question.




Mark’s been in the world of social media since 2010 BE (before emojis) and has been making brands ‘pop’ on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for over 7 years. Current/previous clients include Gourmet Burger Kitchen, Jose Cuervo and The Kraken Rum among others. An expert in online digital communication, what genuinely works on social media, and how to reply to that person on Twitter who’s making your social media team cry. Can usually be found near strong coffee or a basketball court. 





Mark Weir


Mark / WE ARE Spectacular 


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