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The Spectacular Marketing Podcast

Sep 11, 2018



Mark chats to fellow podcaster Michael Tingsager about how you can be more maverick in your business to identity operational efficiencies and set standards that are right for you. Michael talks about common problems, why it’s ok to slow down and scale at a slower pace and the role of technology in hospitality…which may not be the solution but it can help facilitate change.






Michael is a heart-centred operations pro, who believes and lives by building hospitality and restaurants businesses from the inside out. When your employees love your company, your customers will love you — brand nirvana. He helps leaders and operators to build unique blueprints and business systems that create strong employee and customer experience, which translate into improved sales, profits and long term internal/external trust 






Michael  / Hospitality Mavericks

Mark / WE ARE Spectacular⠀ 



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