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The Spectacular Marketing Podcast

Jan 8, 2019

‘Dry January’ might be in full swing, but Luke Boase (the founder of Lucky Saint Unfiltered Lager, 0.5% ABV) sees the alcohol-free market as something much bigger. And with almost a third of under-25s not drinking alcohol… it’s time to take to take it seriously.


We cover:


  • The process of creating a low-alcohol beer
  • What you drink if you’re not ‘drinking’?
  • Going sober for a year
  • People coming into the category for a positive reason
  • Serving those who are moderating, as well as the pro-sober movement


Lucky Saint Manifesto:

Going sober: Almost a third of under-25s are not drinking alcohol, researchers find:



Luke Boase is the founder of Lucky Saint, an ambitious new alcohol-free beer brand that is making waves in the London on-trade with their 0.5%ABV Unfiltered Lager.





Luke / Lucky Saint



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