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The Spectacular Marketing Podcast

Sep 25, 2018


It’s double trouble with TWO guests this week - the unstoppable Harry Bamber & Tom Jackson from Twisted. We have a chat about their backgrounds, how they landed (or created) their jobs and the process behind their viral food videos (see: pizza cones & fajita cake!) 




Twisted was founded in March 2016 by Jungle Creations, and at first began purely as a Facebook page. Run by Harry Bamber (Head of Food Production) and Tom Jackson (Head of Food), their team has grown the Twisted brand to over 15 million followers across Facebook, Instagram and YouTube by creating innovative recipe videos that entertain and inspire their audience. The popularity of the page has led to many ventures, on and offline, including branded content partnerships, a cookbook, delivery only restaurant ‘Twisted London’, the first ever launched by a social media brand, and now a pop-up ‘Twisted Bar’, which will bring thirsty Londoners Twisted cocktails for the month of October.




Fajita cake :  


Pizza cone :  


Cinnamon swirl apple pie - 


Twisted Delivery :


Twisted Cookbook: 


Twisted Bar:  


Kebab hack: 




Mark / WE ARE Spectacular⠀ 







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