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The Spectacular Marketing Podcast

May 22, 2018



Marks talks to an old friend, Simon Iredale, about business in the digital age, how marketing has to be permeate through every part of your company, and how concentrating on the little things can turn around the fortunes of your business





Simon has spent 18 years in the digital world helping small medium and enterprise businesses understand and take advantage of the opportunities digital can bring their companies. 


CEO at Motionlab, Orvelo and Motionlab Interactive, a group of creative, marketing and tech businesses that are founded on the obsession with data and results. We mix science and creativity to deliver highly visual solutions backed up by big data marketing.


He is also a huge believer in sharing the knowledge, the knowledge of what works and what doesn't work in our switched on world. Over the years he has developed several models that are based on evidence derived from the most successful companies he has worked with, taking these models and implement them at Board level for organisations that are driven by the ambition to succeed. 


This has led Simon to become an established public speaker for organisations such as Boost and Vistage Worldwide and being on panels where tech, marketing or entrepreneurship is the focus. He is also an Enterprise Ambassador for Lancashire Forum. 




Simon / Motionlab 



Mark / WE ARE Spectacular 


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