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The Spectacular Marketing Podcast

Nov 27, 2018

“The only way businesses can survive and thrive is by getting the right people and allowing those people to work in the right way”



We’re down in Brighton this week speaking to two employee engagement & employer brand specialists - Charlotte Dewar and Belinda Gannaway from Fathom XP. In the current landscape it’s vital to attract and retain the best talent, so it so important to be thinking about your employer brand and why people should WANT to work for you.


We cover:


- How your employer brand relates to the consumer brand

- The war on talent

- Marketing & HR coming together to own internal comms

- Purpose abuse

- How to engage remote workers

- Having stay conversations rather than exit interviews



Get your employer brand and consumer brand on the same page

Dissecting the components of a successful employer brand.


9 Principles for a successful Employer Brand



Creative Director


Charlotte has led B2C and B2B branding projects for the past 24 years for food and drink clients as well as financial services and entertainment clients.


Ten years ago she moved into the world of employee engagement, then set up FathomXP to unlock the power of people to really bring to life the purpose and values of their organisations.


Employer brand is a marriage of her two passions, branding and people engagement and she is especially excited about bringing B2B/B2C thinking and activation into employer brand.


Clients: Fourth, Fuller’s, Nectar,, Old Mutual and Credit Suisse.



Strategy Director

Belinda is a digital transformation leader delivering global people change programmes.

She started life as a political journalist, before moving into food and drink journalism and then retraining in PR and then marketing.

When the social web emerged, she moved to helping business leaders make the most of this new route to the consumer.  This whetted her appetite to learn more about how social platforms were transforming businesses, not just marketing. And so she moved into the world of people and change.

Belinda believes a strong employer brand is pivotal to an organisation’s ability to transform and reinvent themselves.

From the food and drink sector Belinda has worked with clients including Diageo, Tetra Pak, Barilla and Nectar.



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